Estarer Neoprene Imitation Leather Notebook Laptop Sleeve Bag (13- 13.3 Inch) Macbook Air/Pro Case Birds Print

Estarer Neoprene Imitation Leather Notebook Laptop Sleeve Bag (13- 13.3 Inch) Macbook Air/Pro Case Birds Print

  • For your Macbook Air/Pro 13/Pro 13 Retina and 13-13.3 inch Laptops/Notebooks; but not for all 13-13.3 inch Laptops, please check the product description
  • Estarer Laptop Sleeve Case are made with high quality and timeless design. The best companion for a succesful day with individual, fashion,vintage Design.
  • The soft layer protect your laptop from accidental scratches and other damages
  • More easier and flexible Transport; you can use it simple or sliede it into other bags.
  • Size outside: ca. 34.5 x 24 x 1.5cm;Size inside:ca. 33 x 22.5 x 1.5cm(see advice of the product description)

– Brand: ESTARER
– Size outside : ca. 34.5 x 24 x 1.5cm
– Size inside: ca. 33 x 22.5 x 1.5cm(check the product description)
– Material: imitation leather, Neopren
– Layer: soft textile
– Colo(u)r: Pink/light gray
– Weight: 275g

Your feedback is important.
We are focused on satisfying our valued customers, rather than maximizing our sales figures. Please pay an attention the following aspects:

– The sleeve may be kept for a long time inside.
– The sleeve are made of imitation leather and neoprene, and man must stick them with glue.
Advice for smell:
– Put the sleeve under the ventilated air, the smell will be weak or disappear

– There may be a colour deviation because of the light.

Our customers told us, that the sleeve fits not 13-13.3 inch laptop or a little large for Macbook, we want to explain:
– Because the corners are rounded, we couldn’t give you the exactly inside size.
– There are different sizes from different notebooks however we call them the same inch, so the sleeve couldn’t fit all laptops.

We will appreciate if you can tell your laptop typ with email, when the sleeve fit it not.

Discount Price: £10.99
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