Lucrin – MacBook Air 13″ Thin Sleeve, Protective Case, Soft Cover – Navy Blue – Smooth Leather

Lucrin - MacBook Air 13

  • For the manufacture of our products, we use genuine high quality leather which ensures a neat finish.
  • All our products are hand made, following the tradition of luxury leather
  • To satisfy your needs, Lucrin offers a large variety of leather products online(Travel items, office products,small leather goods…)

There is a tailored Lucrin protective case perfectly sized for every Apple product. This MacBook Air 13″ Protective Case adapts perfectly to the shape of your laptop, protecting it from scratches and dust. It allows you to slide your computer into a schoolbag, bag or suitcase without fear. The interior of this protective case is made of microfiber, providing a soft and clean contact surface. Dimensions: 24.5 x 33.5 cm (Case exclusively for MacBook Air 13″)

Discount Price: £71.00
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