PuTwo Travel Box Pill Organizer 7 Day AM and PM Case with 28 Compartments

PuTwo Travel Box Pill Organizer 7 Day AM and PM Case with 28 Compartments

  • Pill box with color coded and labelled with 7 days (from Monday to Sunday), helps to avoid confusion with getting right day
  • Pill box with 4 separate compartments for each 7 days (all labelled Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bed time.) control your intake of tablets well.
  • Pill box suitable for daily use and travel, individual compartment means you can take only the days you need if you’re going away for a while 、
  • Capacity: BPA-free pill box, each compartment can hold 3 Advil.

PuTwo Travel Pill Box Pill Organizer 7 Day AM PM Pill Case with 28 Compartment

Total size:10.5*7.8*4.6cm/4.3*3.1*1.9inch Daily case size: 7*4.5*1cm/2.75*1.77*0.39inch BPA-Free pill box
Pill box for 4 times a day:breakfast, lunch,dinner and bedtime,can hold 3 Advils in 1 compartment(3*2.2*0.9cm/1.2*0.9*0.4inch)
Colour coded with the Day printed on the removable daily pill box
Each compartment opens and closes separately, making it easy to take out only the pills that is needed

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