J-pillow, Travel Pillow – British Invention of the Year 2013 – (Navy)

J-pillow, Travel Pillow – British Invention of the Year 2013 – (Navy)

J-pillow, Travel Pillow - British Invention of the Year 2013 - (Navy)

  • UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN and winner of the British Invention of the Year 2013.
  • STOPS HEAD FROM FALLING FORWARD with its ingenious chin support. Perfect for side sleepers.
  • SUPPORTS NECK and keeps head elevated in perfect position for restful sleep.
  • MEGA COMFORTABLE on your travels but also great for use at home when relaxing on the sofa or reading in bed.
  • Compresses smaller then most “U” shaped pillows – Handy snap loop – Great Present

The SUN ( best selling newspaper in the UK ) “it’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it works!”

The INDEPENDENT “this comfy pillow….provides support for the neck and chin, as well as cushioning for the side and back of the head.”

USA TODAY “The curvy part of the “J” curls under your chin, cradling and supporting your neck and chin, preventing you from snapping awake”

DAILY MAIL “A product that would make those red-eye flights more comfortable”

VIRGIN ATLANTIC “With the J-Pillow , your chin, neck,back of head and side of head are all comfortably supported”

LA TIMES “On a recent flight, it kept me from bonking my head on the plane window; when I switched to the right side, it kept me from becoming too familiar with my neighbor.”

EKSTRA BLADET (Danish best selling newspaper) “Here is a travel pillow that actually works”

VELVETSCAPE.COM “On my first flight with the J-Pillow, I slept for seven hours straight without waking up once! That was a whole new experience for me!”

MYTRAVELSITE.COM “It works! It’s definitely more comfortable than a standard pillow”

QUITEWANDERINGS.COM “The design of the J-Pillow is sheer genius for the simple fact that it supports your neck, it supports your head and it supports your chin. …Your chin!! Genius.”

ALLABOUTYOU.COM “Designed by a flight attendant, this travel innovation will sort all your napping needs. Its special chin rest ensures your head won’t jolt forward mid-snooze! What more could you ask for?”

NOTWITHOUTYOURPASSPORT.COM “The J-Pillow is the most comfortable travel pillow I’ve rested my head on – and I’ll never board another long-haul flight without it. It’s so functional and innovative, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen a product like this sooner. And about that senseless U-shape pillow… I’ve already given it away.”

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