NiaNia Women’s YB041 Bronze Leather Shoulder Bags Women Totes Tote Bag Handbag

NiaNia Women's YB041 Bronze Leather Shoulder Bags Women Totes Tote Bag Handbag

From the Manufacturer

NiaNia is a new brand from China who focuses on research and production reasonably priced women totes and shoulder bags.


1. Constantly and carefully using is the best maintenance of a bag.
2. Avoid touching any coloring stuff for a long time.
3. Using dry fabric instead of water or wet fabric to clean in case of oil- stain or blotted.
4. Dry area with proper temperature is required for moisture-proof and mildew-proof, so as to make sure the cleanliness of your bag.
5. In case of long-term place, don¡¯t forget filling some tuff in it so as not to be out of shape, better pack it by non-woven fabric, and then put on a ventilated place without direct sunlight.

Discount Price: £18.99
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