Soofotoo RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

Soofotoo RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

  • High quality stainless steel from top manufacturer ,polished Stainless design looks shiny.
  • Slim body ,with 6 RFID blocking credit card slots ,each card slot fits for one or two cards.Easy click button for opening and closing,latches safely and securely when not using.
  • RFID Blocking STOPS Electronic Pick Pocketing of your private information ,shield all your credit cards, debit cards from RFID skimmers ,store and lock your private information inside our wallet !
  • It is a must have when on vacations or traveling both for men and women ,great in using on public transportation and crowded places ,keeping it protected all the time ,just enjoying your time without worry!
  • Light weight and durable .Product dimensions: (L)3.78″ x (W)2.3″ x (H)0.5″ inches ,and the weight is 0.18 pounds .

The best way to protect your cards from identity theft!

Have you ever imagined? Your card information can be copied in any public places, like subway, restaurants, buses, airport, etc. Are you worried about all those crimes which illegelly collect your card information? We’ve got you covered. RFID SECURE was founded on the premise of equipping consumers with the right tools to combat digital pickpocketing and provide peace of mind.We are very proud of our sleeves and are confident you will love them .

-Our RFID protection card holder can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners.

-convenient, portable as a wallet.
-Durable, Sturdy, Won’t Fall Apart
-Modern and fashionable design

Discount Price: £7.89
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